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disaster management with document management system (DMS)

Disaster Management with Document Management System (DMS)

Today we will see how DMS play a vital role in disaster management of documents.

When we are dealt with documents, it is, inevitable that the documents are going to deteriorate in due course of various operations & rest with age.  Due to regular wear & tear, documents are bound to become useless for future reference.

Secondly, documents can fall prey to natural calamities like floods or sudden fire or pests etc.  Such sudden mishap can cause huge problems or complications.

All these can be avoided with the help of Document Management System (DMS).  Documents are scanned & categorized & saved in such a manner that one can easily access them from anywhere, at any given time. Even if the original document is destroyed by any of the above reason, it can be restored at any given point by taking a print of scanned document.

In today’s fast pace, we all need that pace in all aspects; be it our personal life or professional.  DMS help us in a big way to keep pace, as far as our professional life is concerned.  So……………. Go for one that suits all your needs………

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document management system : document indexing

Document Indexing

When we surf the net to search for something, we are unaware of the volume of documents available on net that are matching our search query.  Neither we can go through all these documents nor the search engines does.  Instead the search engines search the words entered in an index already created & display the documents that contain these words.

Same applies to Document Management System i.e. DMS.

Considering the volume of documents in any firm/organization/company, an Efficient Index make a document search possible. There are few types of indexing.

  1. Full Text Indexing needs huge space.
  2. Metadata Indexing can dramatically cut the space requirement.

Document indexing can prove way beyond powerful, if done in a smart manner.

Hence whenever you surf the net for a Document Management Solution – DMS, check whether the Solution includes a Smart Document Indexing.

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why do I need universal document viewer for dms (document management solution)


Why Do I Need  Universal Document Viewer for DMS (Document Management Solution)???

When a solution provider talks about DMS, he needs to take into consideration the various types of documents & files he is going to deal with.  Some of them are:

Open Document

Rich Text Format

Microsoft Word


Plain Text


Open Document Spreadsheet


Microsoft Excel

And So on…..

Now if a descent Universal Document Viewer is not included in the solution, users will suffer like anything.   If the provider limits the usage of document types to cover up the shortcomings of his solution, it will affect the work of the company & productivity of users too.

Universal Document Viewer is an inevitable tool, without which DMS is incomplete or I may say useless.

What exactly Universal Document Viewer does with Documents??

Retrieve & view image or document in any format.

Works efficiently in any browser

Cuts download time

Supports very large files effectively

No license is needed to read any document

Give an option to print

So, if you are looking for an effective Document Management Solution, don’t forget to check whether the solution includes a descent Universal Document Viewer.

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dream of paperless office

“Paperless Office…” 

Is it Ever Possible???   Ha… It must be like Building Castles In the Air……

What do we do with loads of papers in office till now??

After completing the process we file them in various folders & dump them in a store full of annoying dust.  And you know what, whenever we need to deal with any of these documents, we shudder with the thought of dust & sneezing which is a package deal that comes with stores/warehouses.  So Pleeeeeeezzzz……….

Wait.. Wait.. Wait.. Guyz   N  Galz ……  We all are listening & saying this for ages that anything is possible with a strong will.  Very true..but only if you arm yourself, with right tools, at right time.  Now if you think about Paperless Office, it’s not a fantasy anymore. Your dream is few clicks away..

Trust me…  You CAN   breathe a sigh of relief with effective DMS software.

First of all, let’s see what type of papers we deal with, in our office.

  1. Quotations
  2. Purchase Orders
  3. Bills
  4. Many Other Documents

Now we will see what these solutions normally do with papers.  They scan, save & send all documents to the respective personnel from the front desk itself.

If you want your dream of Paperless Office come true, you need a solution that is complete in itself.  There are many solutions available in the market with various features & USPs.

What to Look for?

  • Document Categorization
  • Document Indexing
  • Document Viewer that enables any of your users to view documents who doesn’t have right to edit the document.
  • Flow Defining Facility for documents that needs approval.

For example, when a Purchase Bill will arrive at the front desk, it will be scanned & uploaded by the receptionist immediately.  Then this bill will be viewed, entered, categorized & sent by purchase officer.  Then it will be viewed & approved by authorized person & forwarded to Accounts Department for payment.

If your solution has the facility of predefined document flow, the bill process will be completed flawlessly.

So now what are you waiting for????

Surf the net & zero in a solution with these features for a Realistic Dream…………

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