why do I need universal document viewer for dms (document management solution)


Why Do I Need  Universal Document Viewer for DMS (Document Management Solution)???

When a solution provider talks about DMS, he needs to take into consideration the various types of documents & files he is going to deal with.  Some of them are:

Open Document


Rich Text Format

Microsoft Word


Plain Text


Open Document Spreadsheet

Open Office.org

Microsoft Excel

And So on…..

Now if a descent Universal Document Viewer is not included in the solution, users will suffer like anything.   If the provider limits the usage of document types to cover up the shortcomings of his solution, it will affect the work of the company & productivity of users too.

Universal Document Viewer is an inevitable tool, without which DMS is incomplete or I may say useless.

What exactly Universal Document Viewer does with Documents??

Retrieve & view image or document in any format.

Works efficiently in any browser

Cuts download time

Supports very large files effectively

No license is needed to read any document

Give an option to print

So, if you are looking for an effective Document Management Solution, don’t forget to check whether the solution includes a descent Universal Document Viewer.

Happy Surfing…….

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Prajakta Khadilkar

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