go green

Go Green…….

Looking at the frightening speed of human race using natural resources, every sensible human being is concerned about the wastage of precious natural resources.

Whenever man has discovered something, he invaded the nature, used it to a great extent & then profoundly destroyed it.  Our greatest mistake is, we take the natural wealth for granted & forget that it’s not going to last forever.  Unfortunately, now the nature is reacting to this in a big way in past few years.

It’s high time, that we retrospect our deeds & try not to harm the nature as far as possible.

One of the step towards this, is going green in the office.

Now, what exactly is going green in the office????

When we convert all forms of documentation into digital forms, it results into minimal usage of papers.

Since papers are made of wood, naturally we are saving natural wealth. Now we will see in detail, how we can create a paperless office.

  • Preview all documents in digital form first & then print a document, if it is really a must have.
  • Instead of having loads of printing papers, go for high speed scanners for scanning large volumes of documents & computers with lots of memory to save them.
  • As far as possible, send Reports, Letters online, instead of physical copies.
  • There are many DMS solutions in the market.  Zero in the one that fulfills your needs & go for it.

It’s high time, that we go green to save the wealth, mother earth provided for us………

Go green…. With DMS….

You can try http://dms.hridayamsoft.com/

Prajakta Khadilkar

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