dms – regulatory compliance.


Electronics is a not a new-found rage now. Considering the speed of this era, it feels as if it’s been ages that we are madly in love with various electronic gadgets. One without which it is impossible to manage, is computer.   

We may be considered illiterate if we are not net savvy. Then comes the role of software solutions. Various solutions play important roles while working on computers.

Since we are currently discussing about DMS, it would not be inappropriate to accept that DMS is going to play a vital role in near future.



One of its many important aspects is Regulatory Compliance.

A combination of security control, audit trails, archiving & disaster recovery ensure, that an organization is able to authenticate the validity of information stored & demonstrate compliance with regulations & requirements.  This is what Improved Regulatory Compliance is.

The Outcome??


Is this the outcome???

🙂  No Ways………

Risk of noncompliance that leads to fines, withdrawn license or sometimes custodial sentence is null & void.  

Plus an added benefit is Accountability. Each & Every action related to document is recorded. As a result, the Administrator is provided with all trails & track records.

Moral of the story is, DMS is going to be inevitable in near future… For Sure…

Prajakta Khadilkar.


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