IT helpdesk features


What IT Helpdesk exactly does??

In my view, an IT Helpdesk is like a Swiss Army Knife packed with variety of Features like,

  • Common Platform: It provides a common platform to the Senior Management, IT Team & Users/Employees.
  • Predefined Process: Entire process of call handling is well defined; changing your employees won’t result into change in process.  It saves lot of energy spent on training.
  • Customizable Calls Setup: You can configure your own Methods for attending calls, Problem types, Call Categories & Call Status.
  • Hardware Inventory: You can create multiple types of IT Assets, track its warranty & assign different support vendors. Asset transfers & tracking dead assets also becomes easy.
  • Software Inventory: It is always a pain to maintain list of purchased licenses & licenses assigned to users. Auxilium IT Helpdesk makes it easy for you.  You can create & maintain OEM as well as Paper licenses.
  • Monitoring: Management & IT Administrator can keep a close watch on activities related to calls & IT assets.

Today we have seen some of the features of IT Helpdesk.  In the coming articles, we will go through some more features of IT Helpdesk.

Prajakta Khadilkar.


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