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go green

Go Green…….

Looking at the frightening speed of human race using natural resources, every sensible human being is concerned about the wastage of precious natural resources.

Whenever man has discovered something, he invaded the nature, used it to a great extent & then profoundly destroyed it.  Our greatest mistake is, we take the natural wealth for granted & forget that it’s not going to last forever.  Unfortunately, now the nature is reacting to this in a big way in past few years.

It’s high time, that we retrospect our deeds & try not to harm the nature as far as possible.

One of the step towards this, is going green in the office.

Now, what exactly is going green in the office????

When we convert all forms of documentation into digital forms, it results into minimal usage of papers.

Since papers are made of wood, naturally we are saving natural wealth. Now we will see in detail, how we can create a paperless office.

  • Preview all documents in digital form first & then print a document, if it is really a must have.
  • Instead of having loads of printing papers, go for high speed scanners for scanning large volumes of documents & computers with lots of memory to save them.
  • As far as possible, send Reports, Letters online, instead of physical copies.
  • There are many DMS solutions in the market.  Zero in the one that fulfills your needs & go for it.

It’s high time, that we go green to save the wealth, mother earth provided for us………

Go green…. With DMS….

You can try http://dms.hridayamsoft.com/

Prajakta Khadilkar


sharedoc enterpriser – document management solution – dms

ShareDoc Enterpriser to Manage, control,organize and secure your documents. http://dms.hridayamsoft.com/Image  


  1. Manage, organize, share & secure all documents generated within organization.
  2. Create & Manage Unlimited Document Categories.
  3. Cost cutting – reduce your cost by optimum utilization of Resources.
  4. Audit Trails – Track each & every activity of every user.
  5. Define your own Document Flow.

What is this exactly?

  • ShareDocs Enterpriser creates, share, secures, share & preserve each kind of document. This solution doesn’t add any process or technology to your existing infrastructure, but helps you to organize everything without changing your current procedures, since it can be customized.

WHOM is it meant for?

  • This solution is meant for large/medium or small size Enterprises.

WHY is it needed?

  • Robust Search: Searching for a document within a large is not an easy task. DMS helps to deal with this in a big way. It provides Speed & Precision in the search with the help of keywords & many other attributes.
  • Data Sensitivity & Security: Considering the cut-throat competition, this solution averts data leakage & provides secured access to the data.
  • Process Consistency: Documents are managed in administrator defined patterns which assure/ensure harmony & discipline in later processes being system driven.
  • Accountability: Each & Every action related to document is recorded. As a result, the Administrator is provided with all trails & track records.
  • Conservation & Recycle: A more convenient & feasible option of soft copy is provided for photo copying process which ensures preservation & avoids deterioration of the original document caused by frequent shuffling.
  • Permanent Document Loss Caused by Intentional/unintentional mistakes: This solution stores the documents centrally on Windows network drives. Hence the documents cannot be easily deleted.
  • Space Saver: Old records preserved for legal functionalities & new for current reference, occupy a huge space which is impractical in context of soaring/towering real estate prices. This solution is a perfect solution that serves as space saver.
  • Cost Saver: Accelerated document retrieval, faster filing, reduced manpower requirement, reduction in printing, distribution & storage costs is achieved through ShareDocs Enterpriser.
  • Control on Intangible Assets: You pay for the files that your employees create on daily basis. Through this solution, you have complete control & access of these files even if they are edited or deleted by the users.
  • Paperless Office: All documents are scanned, saved & sent to the respective personnel from the front desk itself; avoiding paper clutter, misplacement & leakage.
  • Increased Productivity: One of the biggest hidden costs is severed with SharDocs Enterpriser. The time employees waste in visiting record rooms to find & replace documents is saved completely. Since they can work from their workstation itself, it increase their productivity.
  • Improved Regulatory Compliance: A combination of security control, audit trails, archiving & disaster recovery ensure that an organization is able to authenticate the validity of information stored & demonstrate compliance with regulations & requirements. Hence the risk of non compliance that leads to fines, withdrawn license or sometimes custodial sentence is null & void.
  • Minimum Usage of Resources: ShareDocs Enterpriser eliminates unwanted usage of network bandwidth since there are centralized documents instead of dispersed ones.


Prajakta Khadilkar