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Online IT Assets Management and Discovery Solution

What is ITAM? 

Today, IT is an integral part of every business organization.  To keep track of each and every asset is necessary but quite a difficult task. Here ITAM can take the charge. It helps in a big way to manage your IT assets efficiently.

Whom is it meant for? 

This is practically meant for each & every organization where IT exists.

Why is it needed?

It can keep track of hardware. Maintain records of software installed. Deploy IT Assets effectively & efficiently. Manage upgrades & warranties. Keep track of financial perspective of IT assets, disposals, replacement & transfers.

Where it will run?

It will run either on your server or on a hosted server.

To see how it works actually, please go to the following link, fill up the form & submit.  We will provide you with a demo version. See how it helps you & let us know.


For More detailed information about ITAM go to


Prajakta Khadilkar.